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Thread: Total Genius or total c*ck up?

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    Default Total Genius or total c*ck up?

    Hi all!

    So. Cut a long story short, I've over the past month found myself making more and more upgrades to my PC in a mission to get FSX working as well it does in the videos you see on YouTube if you search "FSX film" that I've been drooling over recently.

    Having done them, I'm a bit ... disappointed ... with the results. Here are my new specs:

    400W PSU (new)
    The AMD 6 core 6100 3.3GHz CPU Bulldozer
    New motherboard that fits the above
    6GB RAM (nothing special, just RAM)
    Artic Freezer 13 Pro (this fecking huge CPU fan)
    Nvidia GeForce GTX560 GPU/graphics card
    64 Bit Windows 7
    Standard everything else ... I think

    Have I overclocked the processor > No. But I'm getting my head around it.
    Have I adjusted the fsx.cfg file? > No. But I'm going to.
    Have I read lots about anti-aliasing from the GPU? > Yes. Going to download some cool software that helps manage my card.

    Basically, would you expect the above to put in some good performance? Runs great 1024x768 on ultra high (well, not with everything set completely high) , but everything looks blocky as hell. Very jittery at 1280x1024 which is where I want to be.

    I'm questioning the PSU - I think I should've gone for 650W rather than 400 ....

    Over to you guys!

    Thanks in advance, although that will be repeated once you help me sleep better.

    I'm not interested in arguing about alternative hardware


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    Go to this site it sets up you fsx.cfg file worked great for me well worth a try

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    Hi Subwooper

    Nice link and I'll give it a go. Big thanks again buddy!

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    Only my pleasure let me no how it worked for you

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