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Thread: FSX scenery issue

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    Default FSX scenery issue

    FSX Add-on scenery library issue.

    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit

    Hi there,

    I have successfully installed third party sceneries. According to the list in the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIBRARY window they are all visible and enabled, however, when I want to load one of them via GO TO AIRPORT - SEARCH ADD-ON SCENERY, no entries are listed in the two windows.

    I have tried every possible logical step (known to me) to no avail. Any suggestion would be immensely appreciated.

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    You have not mentioned what scenery you are having issues with, the more info the better, saves us looking into a crystal ball. If it is airport scenery, for existing airports, than it will show up as the default airport name, but it will load the new scenery, as the new scenery will over ride the default. IE if i have yssy and yssy scenery, in the airport window you will see yssy, but when loaded you will see the new yssy scenery. I hope that explains it. If it was an entirely new airport that was not originally in FSX than you should see it but as its code, or name only.

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    Default FSX add-on scenery issue

    Thank you for your response Mjrhealth.

    One of he sceneries I have installed is 'Napulevola LIRN-X v0.3' (link below). In the SETTINGS - SCENERY LIRARY window is listed in position number 1 and enabled.

    Napoli Capodichino LIRN-X v0.3 for FSX
    Released: 24/02/2012

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