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Thread: Half invisible aircraft

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    Default Half invisible aircraft

    hi again. i got some planes that are invisible exept for the wings but somtimes it shows
    all black *exept the wings* i had an old computer with windows Xp sp3 and everything
    worked fine , but when i got a laptop it changed ...

    Windows 7 32-bit
    Graphics: intel Core(CM) 2CPU
    Ram:1gb but works good

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    Trying turning off DX-10 preview that seems to be the case most of the time. The problem is that most repaints or models are compatible with DX-10 so it whatever it cant load it doesnt show.

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    hello all my name is tony i'm using dell inspiron windows 7 64 bit fsx gold edition with all three dics installed i don't know if i have sp1 or sp2 installed and don't really know where to find them but i'm having trouble with two aircraft the quality wings 757 and the just flight 737 professional when i load these air craft the flight sim crashes back to desk top with a fatal error message and then the sim reloads can someone pls give me hand with this thanks.

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