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Thread: Scenery in FS2004 is fluorescent in areas.

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    Default Scenery in FS2004 is fluorescent in areas.

    Any fellow simmers,out there,have any idea,on how to fix the problem,of certain parts of the scenery(at take-off and slightly higher),seem to have a fluorescent or dayglow,type of colors.The area surrounding the airport, & other areas have black areas.I have a Toshiba-Satellite,AMD Turion 64x2 dual-core mobile processor.3GB.I have alot of payware,like just installed BEV configuration 2.1 as well as"florida scenery,etc.Has any simmer ran into this? Any advice or direction would be appreciated. smoothflyer

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    Hmmm sounds like the textures of the scenery, or perhaps graphics driver. When was the last time you updated the graphics drivers? What scenery is it?



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    Default Updated graphics drivers-ATI for windows 7

    Skydancer,my graphics,were up to date,as of 4 months ago,but i updated anyhow.So hopefully this works.The scenery payware includes-Birds Eye View or BEV-100,also Aero Files-ground & sky duo bundle.SceneryPro-HD envior.FScene-usa & can.And last,FeelThere-Florida Scenery. smoothflyer

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