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Thread: Wilco Airbus Evolution

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    Default Wilco Airbus Evolution

    Just an FYI of sorts...I frequently get emails from webstores that sell payware FS add-ons, with one of them advertising the Wilco Publishing Airbus Evolution Series Vols 1 and 2. I checked it out and it seems that Wilco has revamped their two popular add-ons. After reading through the descriptions and viewing the thumbs, it seems to be a good upgrade for those, like me, who have one or both of the add-ons. I had some major complaints about the functionality of the add-ons (sounds being one of them) and I had tried to contact Wilco about it but it seems that after their revamp of their site, I had no way of contacting them. I was about to toss the add-on into the archives to collect dust and chalk it up as a bad buy but perhaps now, Wilco has stepped up and actually listened to the customers.

    If anyone out there has the Wilco Airbus Series and has issues or anything else to add, I'd love to hear about it.


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    Default Evening

    Apologies If I am wasting your time however your post states that you own and operate Airbus evo 1 & 2 and I was needing a simple question answered as I have just purchased evo 2. I get an error message when I attempt to load a flight plan from fsx while using the evo add on aircraft, stating I need to download 'AIRAC'. Are you able to help with this issue?

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