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    I have recently downloaded FSPassengersX and I installed it. Finally, when I open FSX it says "your version of FSX is outdated, you need at least SP1 or SP2 installed. So, I downloaded SP1 and SP2, I installed SP1 and its said "You have succesfully installed SP1", So, I started FSX and it said "Your version is outdated...etc...". Then I tried to install SP2 and it says "Cannot install SP2 because SP1 is not installed" ???

    Please answer ASAP Thanx,


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    Rokie90, sorry to ask the question, but is your FSX base legal. This normally happens if the base FSX is not legal.

    Try Uninstalling, a big ask if you have a lot of add-ons, use a good quality registry cleaner, such as Piriform CCleaner, or Macecraft Powertools (the best), and then re-install.

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    Yup it is legal i bought it, ill try doing what you said and i will reply..

    PS. I changed laptops so its still clean

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    Lol sorry for the very very late replay but it works on my new laptop now.


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