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Thread: Will my pc run FSX?

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    Post Will my pc run FSX?

    hey peeps,

    I ordered FSX a few weeks back and still has to come in. I was wondering if anyone can tell me if my pc is strong enough to handle normal play. Dont want to play while lagging all the time. Hate that! I remember @ year 2000 on our family PC....pure Hell LOL

    But anyway back to the point, my pc specs:
    PC: Aspire AX3900
    OS: Windows 7
    CPU: Intel Core i3 Processor
    Graphics: Intel (R) graphics media accelerator HD

    Yup, its a standard new 2010 pc. Not the best around, but good for my first PC.
    Just wondering if I can play without frustration with this. Or would I need a new Graphics card? I dont know diddly squat about these things, so Im still learning. Im sure it will take me forever to adjust all settings once I get the game...especially when I get a joystick.
    I'm planning on purchasing the Saitek X52 Pro (hard to find in the Netherlands though :S)

    So any ideas, thoughts, comments....plz just reply.
    Thnx to all in advance for yur time.

    peace, dvd1986

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    ye i have the same pc and it runs fine... just limit the FPS to 25, cause thats all you need

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