Hello all, I am having a couple ILS related issues with the default 737-800 in FSX and was wondering if anyone else was having the same issues or could help me out.

1. First of all, whenever I am doing an ILS approach, and am locked onto the localizer/glide scope and descending towards the runway, at about 7-8 of every 10 airports I land at it keeps bringing the plane down about 50-100 ft. left of the runway basically into the grass (just past the VASI lights, usually)...which is very annoying! I have confirmed that all my A/P settings are correct, flaps, speed, etc. are correct, and that the correct ILS freq. is programmed on NAV1 and the correct runway heading is programmed in as well. Any idea why it does this? It does it at both small and larger airports.

2. When I am usually 800-1000 feet above the runway and switch the autopilot off to manually land the plane, the nose always suddenly lifts up and the aircraft tries to climb. Does this have something to do with the elevator trim that the autopilot had set, and if so, is there any quick way to correct it as soon as I turn the A/P off?

3. Lastly, what is the exact sequence/procedure for using the NAVLOC and APP. buttons? After ATC gives me my final heading (usually 15-35 degrees off from the runway heading) and says I am clear to fly straight in I try hitting the NAV/LOC button, and usually the A/P will turn the plane to align with the runway and I wait until I see movement on the glidescope and then hit the APP. button, but the plane doesn't always seem to lock onto the glidescope and start descending, and even if it does, often will not automatically turn off the ALT HOLD and begin descending,I have to hit it manually and then hit APP. Is it supposed to turn off ALT HOLD automatically on the default 737?