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Thread: Compiling airports in Airport Design Editor (ADE)

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    Exclamation Compiling airports in Airport Design Editor (ADE)

    Hello all,

    For the past while, I have not been able to compile my airports. Somehow the my SDK doesn't have the BGLComp? It doesn't appear to be there. So therefore I cannot compile my airports/changes that I make, which is annoying. I tried saving the file as a bgl (by typing ".bgl" at the end of the file name (file name: CNQ3_ADE_WS.bgl) I than placed it is the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder, but the changes did not show up when I went to the airport in the game. Im guessing I can't just save it to the ADE work folder as a bgl, and copy/paste it to the Addon Scenery/Scenery folder? Is there any other way to compile the airports in FSX? I've actually reinstalled the game to see if the BGLComp would show up, but it doesn't appear to have done so. Any suggestions?

    cheers, Bill

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    Have you applied the patches SP1 and SP2? They might be required, I am not sure.

    You could try FSX Planner, which is also an airport designer.

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    Yeah, I tried FSX Planner before ADE. It also needs the BGLComp to compile the airports. It also gave me trouble while I was working with it. And I have SP1, but I uninstalled Acceleration (which includes SP2) because of effects problems (touchdown smoke, lights, etc. being squares) The SP2 just caused everything that should have been white, like the smoke, to be black, so I just got rid of it. I might reinstall acceleration if i have enough hard drive space left on the computer.


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