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Thread: Running out of memory IN FSX HELP?

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    Default Running out of memory IN FSX HELP?

    For nearly a year FSX/aceleration/sp2 has been running fine with 35fps-45fps with all sliders and graphics set about 75%-80%,But for the past two weeks have been getting : "your computer has run out of available memory" and then closes fsx down!,have look and changed virtual memory,pagfile,etc,but no joy any advice would be helpful

    Q6600 @3.3GHZ
    ATI XFX HD4870 1 GB 790/4400

    Thank you jason

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    Itoo have that happen what this means is your hard drive is getting too full, when it happened to me Iwas using a 250hdd and was 75% full of data.
    two options I found that worked either delete games or programs not in use or pickup a second hdd for storage purposes.
    I gues third would be mor ram.
    hop this helps for you try it and see.

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    Default fsx memory issue

    Hi thanks for your reply,but have a 250gb hdd which has 152gb free about 42% free run defrag daily and clean registry files, i have no other games on my pc have only fsx (48gb 101,346files payware), run memtest for ram,prime95 & everest torture test all passes with flying colours and score over 10,000 on 3d vantage pc runs really well,i'm thinking the memory issue is more related to vista limitation (virtual memory), or is it worth going back to xp!!

    many thanks jason

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    I just uploaded the fix for you in the download page under other.This will fix you problem of out of memory, just read the txt doc.

    It worked for me.

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    I have been using FSX since last November. I bought a Dell 720 XPS with a Core 2 QUAD Q6600 2.4 MHrz and 3GB Ram. I have VISTA 32 bit Home Premium OS and I have a NCIDIAGeForce 8800 GTX Video Card and a 1TB7200 Hard Drive. The FSX has run great in stock mode (no add ons) with good frame rates. I recently purchases some aircraft add-ons and also installed Untimate Terrain X and Ground Envionment X. Now I can't make a flight over 30-40 minutes without the simulator just freezing. It gives me the out of available memory dialogue box and I've just wasted my flight time. I've tried finding solutions. Dell sold me a memory stick to configure in ready boost mode to supposedly increase memory above the 3GB that came with the computer. I think I got bad advice as that didn't do anything at all to resolve the memory problem. I'm really loosing the joy I used to have with this flight sime stuff and am desperately trying to get some good advice. I'm not a high tech computer person so I need some advice I can understand. Would appreciate any recommendations. HELP!!!

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    Just tried to follow the text document and can't understand it. Tried the address and it won't go there. Went to the home site, but can't follow your thread from there. Can you provide another explanation so I can try it out.

    Thanks much.

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    Same here , I dont understand.

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    Hi WaLLS,

    Use Window's Task Manager to see it you are really "running out of memory". That error message can pop up for any number of reasons. In my case, it never had anything to do with memory issues, and I'm only running 2 GBs of it.

    Let us know what Task Manager says.

    See ya, Milt

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    Are you using Default plane addons when this happens or payware planes when this happens. I had the same issues on my xps 410 with payware planes but now they work fine.

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    Default Out of memory.


    This problem has nothing to do with any of the items you have all mentioned. This is common to Vista and is an issue with the management of the VMM (Video Management).
    Applications have their very own private virtual address space. You must understand that there is no correlation between the virtual address space available to a certain program and the total volume of physical memory installed on the computer. On 32-bit platforms, applications are generally limited under a 2 GB boundary as the maximum size of the virtual address space. In this context, the "out of memory" errors in Windows Vista are generated by applications that have eaten up all the virtual address space allocated to them. The same would apply to 64-bit platforms, given the same conditions.

    "Every memory allocation, file mapping, or library that is loaded by an application consumes space in this virtual address space. When the application consumes all its virtual address space, any additional such operations fail. "Out of memory" errors with the practice built into some applications, (FSX) to construct a copy of the video memory resources in virtual memory. In this regard, 32-bit systems with large amounts of video memory are particularly susceptible to the exhaustion of virtual memory, simply because of the large volume of virtual address space reserved for performing an in-memory copy of the video resources.

    So, easy fix... go to Microsoft's website and type in "Out of memory" in Vista's knowledbase and voila, the fix is at hand. Other issues will effect the usage of virtual space (I'm not talking Pagefile here, rather VMM. This issue is easily overcome and don't waste your time looking at the Task Manager, it will not address this problem!


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