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Thread: Runway Info Gauge for FSX

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    Can anyone tell me if there is a runway info gauge available for FSX. There was one for 2004 and FS9. I find it very usefull to load NAV information. Thanks

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    you mean gps? otherwise no, i dont think so.

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    No not GPS. It was a small utility program that came with some of the aircraft I had downloaded. I used to move it around on the panels of the aicraft I was using often. It simplified adjusting nav and course once you had which runway to land at your destination airport. Thanks anyways for the reply.

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    Hi buffer,

    If that gauge is not a FS 98 guage, there is a good chance it will work in FS X.

    I would try it. if you have any problems with FS X, just remove it. I have found that many gauges made for Microsoft Flight Simulator versions after FS 98 will work well in FS X.

    Let us know how you make out.
    See ya, Milt

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    Thanks, I'll try it and let you know.

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    Actually i use a little french program could jabnavig, you have to register to download and websites all in french, basicaly as you fly it shows all the airports near you and the runway headings for the one that is closest to you, this expands as you near it , it also shows your position in refernce to runway handy for when ligning up. You can even add a map but havnt used that option yet.

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    I tried it in default aircraft adn it does't work however it works with one of the addon I have so it is not entirely a FSX problem but most likely an aircraft cfg problem. I'll keep trying. MJRHealth, where can I find the jabnavig program, Avsim, Flightsim??


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    Finally got it to work last night. A bit unstable. Must get out of full screen for it to work properly. Just in case someone is interested, here is a few links with the description of the gauge. Very usefull quick setup for landing.
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