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Thread: Problem seeing the runway. How to lower window?

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    Default Problem seeing the runway. How to lower window?

    Dear All,
    I am new to FS X, although i have some experience with FS 2002.
    My problem is, as you approach the runway, you cannot see the
    runway from the window unless the plane is diving with an alarming
    rate of vertical speed.
    Otherwise if you are approaching with a standard rate of descent, all
    you see is the sky, or many many miles ahead.
    Earlier versions of FS had a control where you could raise the pilots
    seat or in other words lower the main panel to enable you to see the
    runway even if the plane was level horizontally.
    If i remember it correct it was done by simultaneously pressing shift
    and enter.
    How does one overcome this problem?

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    Has been removed in FSX-they trying to promote virtual cockpit flying, so use that.

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    Thanks spidaman, but when i use virtual cockpit, the instruments become so small you can hardly read them.
    Perhaps sub screens can be opened to read certain instruments, but it is a nuisance and distraction.
    I much prefer seeing all the instruments.
    As far as i am concerned FS X is a POS compared with earlier versions.

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    Control/q will get you what you wanrt in the 2D panel. It's a small change, so you'll have to keep punching it in to raise the eyepoint to any degree.

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    It is clear that MS is trying to promote the virtual cockpit view. Like you, I sometimes prefer 2d, however I'm slowly converting. In the 3d view, you can zoom in and out using the + and - keys. hope this helps

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    Press W that will give you the landing view

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    in 2D it is CTRL+Q to look down and CTRL+SHIFT+Q to look up
    in VC (virtual cockpit (3D)) it is SHIFT+ENTER to raise seat (look down) and SHIFT+BACKSPACE to lower seat, putting you below your gauges

    (i got all this from page 10 in the INsider Information you got with the game)

    hope it helps

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