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Thread: Wrong Altimeter reading when landing

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    Default Wrong Altimeter reading when landing

    Hi everyone. Just want to ask if anybody have a same problem with me. The best part for me in Flight Simulator is landing and everyone want to make a perfect and smooth landing.

    But it's hard to make a good landing when this problem happen. Below is two example of the wrong altimeter reading problem:

    I print screen this just after landing on heathrow airport. The landing is great, but it's hard because as you can see in red box, it's say 100ft but it suppose to be 0ft because the aircraft is on the ground and totally stopped.

    The picture below is the worst ever!! 2000ft but aircraft is totally on the ground.

    Is it normal to have this wrong altimeter reading in FSX? Anyone have a same problem with me? What should to do to correct this error? Thank you

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    This is normal.

    The altimeter displays your altitude above sea level, not above ground level. Therefore if say you were landing at Johannesburg International it would read about 5500 feet when you are on the ground. The airport information in your GPS and in the FS map will tell you the altitude of the airport.

    Remember also to set your altimeter's atmospheric pressure to ensure an accurate reading is displayed. Default key is "b".

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    As Pevans has said, the altimeter read height above sea level.

    This is so because the altimeter is using air pressure to calculate the height. Due to the fact that the air pressure changes with weather, it is essential to know the local air pressure and the runway height above sea level, to land accurately. The air pressure you get from the local met service in FS. This reading is then tuned in on your altimeter. With an seperate altimeter you will see a little window within the instrument which normal display 29.92. (On a panel with display screens, you will normally find it near the altimeter ribbon) That is the barometric pressure in inches mercury. 29.92 is also the standard pressure if no weather effect was involved. In your screen shot it is the green numbers below the height ribbon. With a seperate altimeter, there will be a knob on the altimeter to adjust pressure. With screen display it is a little more difficult to say where the adjusment knob is, since it differs from A/C to A/C. If you do not want to bother with setting it yourself, pressing the "b" key (default) will set it automatically as Pevans has said.

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    If you want to know your altitude AGL (above ground level) you will probably need a radio altimeter. These usually only work up to a certain altitude (2500 ft.), and I don't think that they are on any of the default aircraft.

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