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Thread: ATNS Selection

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    Good day,
    I am enquiring about the ATCO selection process. I wrote the personality test on the 18th May 2012 & were told we would be given feedback in two weeks. After three weeks I phoned HR to enquire if I had made it or not. I was informed I have made it & should wait for their call... I'm still waiting. Is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanx!

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    congrats on making it that far, I am sure they will contact you if they said they would.

    However, if you dont hear back then you have every right to phone to find out whats happening.

    Good luck

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    Default Tests!

    Hi, you guys!

    Recently did the personality quiz. Which was a bit weird. But doing the real tests on Tuesday, in Durban! Can't wait!

    Wow. This post has been going on for years!

    To the goes that were still undergoing the process, how has it been?

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    Guys.* oops.

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    Red face

    Hey guy. I'm new on this site. Just recently applied for the ATCO bursay at ATNS. Really got interested in aviation and started doing some research. Must say I shud hav done this before enrolling @ varsity.

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