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Thread: ATNS Selection

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    Angry Wanted to start a.s.a.p anyways pratice

    So which things should i pratice and make sure am perfect at? i heard that time given to write the test is not enough! anyways goodluck with da rest of the other phases you have to go through to become atc

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    Thumbs up Thanks

    Just signed my training contract with ATNS. The 23rd February is the next course date, so looking forward to being in Joburg very soon for the training. Thanks for the information posted here,it certainly did come in handy.


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    Wink Congrats

    Big ups brah. wish u all the best-am stil waiting

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    congratz and good luck with the training

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    Thumbs down 2weeks left

    Its about 2weeks till i reach the mark 120 days and they still havent contacted me! damn

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    Default hey guys

    with regards to medical tests, dont they do HIV tests, diabetes or high blood pressure, is it all thats listed that they only test?

    Quote Originally Posted by CraigG View Post

    The next intake is in January so if you applied now and you pass the test you could make it in then.
    And from what i know there is +- 4 to 3 intakes a year.

    The medical includes eye tests, hearing, urine tests, ECG and a stress test. And occasionally a chest xray.

    Good luck with the rest of the process.

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    hi people, i applied for the ATCO bursary a week back and yesterday( 21 dec2010) i received a call from ATNS people inviting me to come write the test. Im writing it tomorrow (23dec2010) at thier training so nervouse.

    please can anyone give me tips on what to expect or what i should prepare.


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    Default atc

    hello everyone im new in this site so your welcome to help me out.

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    Default atc

    so im going to write my first test today and i have no idea whats goin to come,i hope God help me... i've been viewing ur comments guys and im really motivated thank im going to write at 2 put me in ur prayers.


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    Miss Eagle - If you read the 20 pages within this topic you will get a good feel for what lies ahead for your testing.

    I dont think anything more can be said as what to expect.

    I wish you well for the tests, and remember just be yourself in the personality tests - dont try and be what you think they are looking for - just be yourself!

    Let us know how it goes

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